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Johns Hopkins University's Rockfish is a community-shared cluster at Johns Hopkins University. It follows the "condominium model" with three main integrated units. The first unit is based on a National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Infrastructure Grant (#1920103) and other main grants like DURIP/DoD, a second unit contains medium-size condos (Schools' condos), and the last unit is the collection of condos purchased by individual research groups. All three units share a base infrastructure, and resources are shared by all users. Rockfish provides resources and tools to integrate traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) with Data Intensive Computing and Machine Learning (ML). As a multi-purpose resource for all fields of science, it will provide High Performance and Data Intensive Computing services to Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University and ACCESS researchers as a level 2 Service Provider.

Rockfish's compute nodes consist of two 24-core Intel Xeon Cascade Lake 6248R processors, 3.0GHz base frequency and 1 TB NMVe local drive. The regular and GPU nodes have 192GB of DDR4 memory, whereas the large memory nodes have 1.5TB of DDr4 memory. The GPU nodes also have 4 Nvidia A100 GPUs.


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