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3.2.6 Release Note

Portal Release Notes    

Date: 1/8/2021

Happy New Year Cyberteam community! With the new year rolling in, our team is rolling out several new features to improve your experience on each of the Cyberteam regional sites.

What’s New

  • Explore the new Quick Links on the Front Page, allowing you to navigate the portal with even greater ease

  • Check out the latest Published Articles and Press Releases by region by clicking on the “News” submenu of the “About Us” tab in the navigation bar

  • Learn how to utilize the portal by clicking on the new “User Manual” submenu of the “About Us” tab in the navigation bar

  • We have added the option to filter resources by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert)

  • We have added a place in project profiles to add and display links to GitHub contributions

  • We have added two new fields on the project submission form including “Student Facilitator Programming Skill Level” and “Project Urgency”

  • We have added two new status labels for projects:

    • "On Hold" - for projects that are fully staffed but do not start for a while or are on a hiatus

    • "Reviewing Applicants" - for projects currently interviewing candidates

  • Overview of the updated project status options:

    • Recruiting, Reviewing Applicants, In Progress, On Hold, Finishing Up, or Complete